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Dmitry Mazurov faces the final charge


The owner of the "Novy Potok" is accused of especially large-scale fraud, especially large waste and infliction of grievous bodily harm (he ordered the owner of the escort service).

The former owner of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery received a $29 million loan from Sberbank but wasn't going to give it back. When the money was received he sent it to offshore accounts.

The investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia found that Mazurov together with the ex-general director of the refinery Gennady Lisovichenko withdrew 473 million rubles ($ 6.5 million)  using a fictitious contract. As a result Antipinsky Oil Refinery was declared bankrupt.

It's interesting that Lisovichenko was an assistant (in fact, a deputy) to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Y. Chaika and personally knows many generals, and Mazurov is a henchman of the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin.

Dmitry Mazurov



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