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AirBitClub organizers were arrested in the USA

319 topic: AirBitClub, Evgeny Pshenitsyn, Vakha Kudaev , Yevgeny Lebedev

AirBitClub organizers were arrested in the USA

AirBitClub is an international organization that deals with cryptocurrency speculation, organized by the scandalous Panamanian businessmen Renato Rodriguez and Gutenberg dos Santos. AirBitClub was presented as a multilevel marketing based on cryptocurrency and tools (bots and tokens) that the club uses to increase income for members. The cost of participants' packages is different, $1000; $3000; $7,000 USD. Sale of packages is carried out using MLM technology (multilevel marketing).

In Russia AirBitClub is headed by a native of the Chechen Republic Vakha Kudaev and also Evgeny Pshenitsyn from Sverdlovsk region. On the electronic resources of ABC and in his social networks Vakha Kudaev is called the National Leader of Russia, and Evgeny Pshenitsyn is called the Master Consul.

Запретить AirBitClub в России

Evgeny Pshenitsyn.                                                                            Vakha Kudaev

The US Securities Commission (SEC) is behind the arrest. This organization is engaged in checking the legality of financial transactions the currency of which is the US dollar.

 The petition to the SEC was initiated by Russian citizens Evgeny Lebedev and Ivan Kolnogorov. Both of them have been club members since 2017 and have suffered from the actions of Rodriguez and Gutenberg. In 2019 for violating the club's rules when they were required to pay the Russian participants their invested amounts, the Russians were expelled from the club and their accounts on the AirBitClub website were blocked.

Evgeny Lebedev and Ivan Kolnogorov began to defend their rights by creating a community of victims of Panamanians' actions on social networks and then organized the filing of hundreds of complaints to the SEC. As a result of the proceedings, violations were revealed in the activities of AirBitClub and all organizers were arrested.

Note that having achieved serious success in the fight against financial fraud in AirBitClub and being victims of the actions of Rodriguez and Gutenberg, Evgeny Lebedev and Ivan Kolnogorov in Russia are involved in a criminal case based on the denunciation from AirBitClub member Danila Vusaty. 

- “We have already faced the fact that in Russia they are trying to solve the problem of AirBit victims using other victims openly ignoring the real organizers living in Panama and the USA. Therefore, we had a daring plan to reach out to the US SEC, then draw their attention and encourage them to investigate the activities of AirBitClub because if there are victims in Russia there must have been victims from other countries. We had to understand all the intricacies of the work of the Securities Commission and it looks like our initiative will become a precedent for the Russians in the international prosecution of criminals and also we hope in the collection of losses”, Yevgeny Lebedev told the Media.

Now the owners of AirBitClub Rodriguez and Gutenberg and their two assistants and the lawyer through whom, according to the investigation they laundered money, remain under arrest.







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