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Moldovan President-elect Maia Sandu said that the republic doesn't intend to pay off the $ 7.5 Billion debt for Russian gas supplied to Transnistria. This debt was accumulated in the financial statements of "Gazprom" and was recorded as the debt of the Republic of Moldova.


As it turned out, a very interesting scheme had been working in the republic for years. "Moldovogaz" (51% "Gazprom"; 35.33% the government of Moldova) assumed obligations to "Gazprom" to pay for the entire volume of gas 3 billion 155 million cubic meters supplied to Moldova including gas supplied to Transnistria.

At the meeting of shareholders of the subsidiary company it became clear: according to the documents of "Gazprom" 1 billion 990 million cubic meters of gas were intended for LLC "Tiraspoltransgaz": a Transnistrian enterprise. In order to pay off with "Gazprom" for this gas "Moldovagaz" must receive money from "Tiraspoltransgaz". However, "Tiraspoltransgaz" for years presented bill of debt to the "Gazprom" subsidiary which in turn accepted these debts on the balance sheet. This is how Moldova's debt to "Gazprom" grew.

But in Gazprom's reports $ 7.5 billion appears as the debt of Moldova. There is no JSC "Moldovagaz" at all.


Here is a nuance: Transnistrian "Tiraspoltransgaz" did not have a fiscal code until May 15, 2020, which means that the company couldn't operate on the territory of Moldova.


Apparently, the relationship between "Moldovagaz" and "Tiraspoltransgaz" is similar to a money laundering scheme. And obviously not without the protection of "Gazprom". It is hardly worth expecting that these debts will be repaid by the new government of the republic.

Against this background, one recalls the stories of Moscow officials and how the current head of Moldova Dodon flew monthly to Moscow on Russian military aircraft accompanied by a police escort and took away suitcases of cash with him. The policy of "gray schemes" and support for individual clans will most likely no longer work in the case of the new government of the Republic of Moldova.


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