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Criminal businessman Dmitry Lebed


This is a story about serious violations in the receipt and use of state subsidies allocated by the Russian government for the modernization of equipment (Resolution of the Governments of the Russian Federation No. 634 dated May 25, 2017) and control over their intended use.


This is a story about the theft of money allocated by the state for Russian enterprises. The money was allocated for the organization of industries that are not available in Russia. For example, factories for the manufacture of CNC machines to reduce the dependence of Russian factories on supplies of machine tools from the United States and Europe, the countries involved in economic sanctions against Russia.


Our correspondent revealed this criminal scheme.


The organizer of the criminal plan is Dmitry Lebed, director of LLC "IronKat". Lebed is associated with government officials who are responsible for distributing government money. Dmitry Lebed was looking for businessmen willing to participate in the crime. Lebed introduced them to another member of his group whose name is Ilya Sergeevich Otradnov. Otradnov worked as head of the project preparation department of the Innovation Center of the Entrepreneurship Support Fund.


Otradny's task was to prepare the documents. He made them in such a way that the plant would fit the criteria stated in the requirements. At the same time, the plant itself physically couldn't exist at all. Then the businessman submitted a package of documents prepared by Otradnov in accordance with the established procedure to the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region where Kopelyan Yevgeny Aleksandrovich works as Deputy Minister.


Evgeny Kopelyan is familiar with Ilya Otradnov. Prior to his appointment as deputy minister Kopelyan was director of the Entrepreneurship Support Fund. Without the participation of a high-ranking government official Dmitry Lebed's criminal plan cannot be implemented. The fact that all of these people receive incomes that are much higher than those indicated in their tax returns can be easily established from the lifestyle they lead, movable and immovable property that they own personally or through affiliated persons.


The editors have at their disposal a recording of a conversation in which Dmitry Lebed reveals a criminal scheme. From the recording it follows that Dmitry Lebed realizes that his plan is criminal, reports that he acts as part of a gang (organized criminal community) and names specific amounts that correspond to an especially large size, and also that only members of the group can become a participant in the program:


“...we provide proof of expenditures for 300 million under the project. We receive a subsidy. Then, for three years, we write a report once a year that we manufacture and sell these products. Not a single check. No one, not a single one was punished, the program is running ... I received money from it. There were no problems. It is clear that the program is not free of charge, of course, those people who sign the register of those who receive money, they provide the details after the transfer, and that is, consulting services go there by bank transfer. There are several directions. Your direction allows. I looked before. It allows. And I'll just say that the program is public but no one gets it. I cannot formalize this for myself now, what I am offering you now because I have already received a subsidy (LLC "IronKat" or LLC "Technosila"). For the next three years I cannot receive it again. That's the first point. The second point, once again, there will be no problems, it is clear that there are fears in your head now and I absolutely understand. I have nothing innovative. Here's the question, again, if you say YES, so I'm ready. After that we draw up the project, get a review for it, prepare a report… Our whole country is based on corruption. If you are ready, the person will come and appoint the chief, then just let them work ”.


Dmitry Alexandrovich Lebed is a raider engaged not only in stealing state money. Dmitry Lebed is a raider who is actively involved in the seizure of industrial enterprises. On the recording, Lebed directly says that he is offering his criminal plan as compensation for his earlier seizure of the assets of the JSC "BARDIN METALLURGICAL PLANT". Read about this in our next article.


To date, the persons involved in the investigation remain unpunished and continue their criminal activities. It's obvious that law enforcement and supervisory officials who don't fulfill their official duties and don't follow the oath they took when they entered the service help them avoid responsibility. Read about the role of the security forces in the implementation of Dmitry Lebed's criminal plan in one of our next publications.





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