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Trump wants to pay $2000 to every American

31 topic: Donald Trump, Joseph Biden

Trump refuses to sign the economic aid package approved by Congress. He demands to increase payments to Americans from $600 to $2000.

The President said that otherwise he could veto the bill. The president's terms were rejected by both Republican legislators and representatives of the Democratic Party.

Biden said on Saturday December 26 that Trump's refusal to sign the document was irresponsible and would have "devastating consequences."

The president's refusal to sign a bill prepared by Congress just before the end of the unemployment benefit programs in the United States during the pandemic means an end to benefits for 9.5 million Americans (according to other sources for 14 million). 

Formally, Donald Trump has time until the end of January to sign the bill or veto it.  However, the economic aid package must be adopted as part of the budget approval for the next fiscal year.

If the current president doesn't sign the document by December 28 it will lead to the suspension of the work of the US government.

Unlike the United States, the Russian Federation remains the only country in the world where the government completely abandoned financial support for the working ability population in the midst of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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