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The Chinese army has adopted a new QBZ-191 automatic rifle

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Corporation Norinco created a replacement for automatic rifle QBZ-95, which was in service with the Chinese army for over 20 years and is the most popular firearms in the armed forces of the country that was made in the bullpup layout (the trigger forward and stands in front of the store and shock mechanism).

The new automatic rifle resembles the German HK416, adapted to the American modular system AR15, produced by Heckler & Koch, as well as previous Chinese versions of AK and SCS automatic rifles: the QBZ-81 and QBZ-03 models.

Most likely, the name of the new automatic rifle is not final, although the letter designation QBZ (firearm weapon, rifle, automatic) will remain. Its special feature is the modularity of the design, with which the QBZ-191 can be easily transformed to solve various combat tasks.

In addition to the replaceable barrels and Picatinny bars, this will be facilitated by the use of a length-adjustable telescopic rifle butt. Shockless automation works by removing powder gases from the barrel bore with a short stroke of the piston. The shutter is rotary. The stated rate of fire is at the level of 750 rounds per minute. Magazines are used from the QBZ-95.

The weapon comes in at least three versions equipped with different barrels: a carbine with a barrel of 31.8 cm, a standard model with a barrel of 36.8 cm, a sniper rifle with a barrel of 45.7 cm. The caliber is 5.8 x 42.


it is important to note that the rejection of the automatic rifles made in the bullpup layout is a global trend. More and more countries are returning to the traditional layout with the formed understanding of its greater suitability for the regular army. 

One example is the French FAMAS. The disadvantages of bullpup include the inconvenience of reloading or changing the magazine and problems when shooting from the left shoulder, associated with the release of shell cases in the immediate vicinity of the shooter's face.

Vladimir Gutenev



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