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Underwater drones

78 topic: China


Continuing the topic of drones, it should be noted that China is developing this direction not only in the air, but also under water. One of the new weapons that was shown at Tiananmen Square in Beijing is their first autonomous underwater vehicle, the HSU-001.

Underwater drones

 The size of the device is no longer just like an underwater glider, but almost like a mini-submarine. Its exact purpose is still unknown. Presumably, at first, the drone will be used for long-term deep patrol and reconnaissance.

 It is equipped with two main propellers, two lag and two vertical ones. Moreover, special devices on the drone are planned to be used to transmit intelligence to the PLA Navy via satellite. For China, this is a significant step in the development of technologies in the military sphere.

 In the future, it is possible that the HSU-001 will be equipped with torpedoes. In the Chinese press, information about this device was in 2018. The concept of its creation is similar to the American underwater vehicle Orca, but the HSU-001 is smaller. In addition, the Chinese has not one, but two screw propellers.

 This apparatus is an important link in China's strategic actions. It can be launched from the mainland or from one of the many bases in the South China Sea that are in close proximity to a number of US-allied countries, including Taiwan.

Of course, Russia and the United States are ahead of the Chinese in this area, developing their own underwater drones of various sizes and with different applications.

 However, China is stepping up efforts to create such systems. The Chinese military expects that they will not only completely replace the submarines operated by man, but also challenge the advantage of the Navy of NATO countries, especially the United States, which arose after the Second World War in strategic waters, in the South China Sea and the western Pacific.






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