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China is preparing to launch a new naval defence research and development


China's two largest defense industrial enterprises, the China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSC) and the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), issued a joint statement in December 2020 on expanding cooperation on military programs. The statement was made after the relevant Agreement on Strategic Cooperation was signed in Beijing. The implementation of the document implies closer industrial and technological ties between the two state-owned enterprises, which employ about half a million people. 

According to Chinese media, it is expected that the cooperation will focus on missile technologies, command and control technologies in the interests of the Chinese Navy. CSC leads all of China's major shipbuilding programs, while SASIC specializes in advanced weaponry, aerospace technology, and unmanned systems. The statement said: "The two sides will jointly build world-class military, maritime, aerospace and manufacturing capabilities." The document also notes the intention to expand the partnership in the field of defense exports.

In turn, the United States on December 18 published a new joint strategy of the Naval Forces, the Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard, “Advantage at Sea, Preventing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power”. It is stated that the main opponents are China and Russia, with the emphasis on China as "The only enemy whose economic and military potential is a long-term challenge for the United States." The methods of deterring China will remain the same - the modernization of the fleet and the development of ties with the allies.


At the same time, it should be noted that the American allies are actively creating bilateral ties between themselves, such as Japan-Australia, Japan-Vietnam, Japan-Great Britain.



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