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Low salaries of citizens are guaranteed by cheap or free labor of the military and prisoners.

The trend in the development of the Russian economy is a poor population.

From the latest news:

Railway troops have begun construction of 340 kilometers of the second line of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM). 

Russian Deputy Defense Minister General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov said that

all 10 brigades of Railway troops will be involved in the construction of the section from Ulak to Fevralsk. This is 340 kilometers of the way.

Convicts can also be involved in the construction of infrastructure facilities of the BAM and Trans-Siberian Railway.

According to the publication, until May 14, the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Penitentiary Service and “Russian Railways” were instructed to work on this issue, also discussing the creation of infrastructure for their placement. 

It is impossible for a simple worker and a prisoner to compete for a vacancy. Low-skilled free labor of convicts and conscripts will always be more attractive. The logical conclusion: they will put more people in prison.

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